Our Philosophy

Our values: Quality, Care, & Transparency

At LOED, our values are based in responsibility, care, and transparency.

By using recyclable packaging and small batch production, we ensure each product is friendly to the environment and fresh.

Crafted on our Jutland farm, our skincare embodies the pinnacle of quality and authenticity through small batch production. This thorough, detailed way of working guarantees that our carefully chosen ingredients retain their full potency, delivering their unmatched benefits directly to your skin. Our skincare - produced in small scale at our Jutland farm - thus reflects the essence of quality and authenticity.

Our open approach about our practices and ingredients hopefully builds confidence from you, our valued customer. We commit to creating well considered skincare and also to maintaining the integrity of our process - from the nurturing soil to the rigorous lab tests - because you deserve to know and trust what you're applying to your skin. 

The Story of LOED

Charlotte, the founder of LOED actually started her journey into skincare in childhood. Marked by severe eczema and allergies that left her face with constant itching, peeling, and redness. As an adult, her skin remained sensitive, reacting to many ingredients found in commercial products. It was always challenging to find a suitable creme. When her favourite facial creme was discontinued 10 years ago she was - again - facing a search for a compatible creme.

As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, she took this challenge a new way. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated from years of studying skincare ingredients and investigating past products, she decided to delve deeper.

She explored historic traditions of skincare, combining them with her personal insights to craft her own facial cream. This cream wasn't just for her; it became a staple for her family and extended network, proving its effectiveness and gentleness on all skin types and ages. What started as a personal quest evolved into a professional endeavour. She realized that if she and her close ones could benefit so significantly from her creation, why not share it with others?

Understanding the importance of reliability and safety in skincare, she conducted the necessary laboratory tests and security evaluations. Today, she is thrilled to introduce FACIAL CREME 01 to you. It's more than a product; it's a testament to overcoming a personal adversity through innovation and a deep desire to help others find comfort, confidence, and calmness in their own skin. LOED is for those of you seeking trustworthy, soothing skincare that allows you to focus on the more important aspects of life.

Looking Ahead

We have more coming for you than a facial creme. Looking ahead, LOED is excited to expand our product line to include:

  • Micellar Water for cleansing.
  • A Soothing Balm.
  • Hydrating Body Lotion.
  • Nurturing Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

Each of the above represent our commitment to quality and natural care. Every item is handcrafted in small batches on our Jutland farm, ensuring freshness, potency, and the utmost attention to all parts of the processes. This artisanal process, supported by our dedication to small batch production, guarantees that what you receive is both fresh and of high quality.

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