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LOED FACIAL CREME 01 is crafted in the heart of Denmark, blending Scandinavian simplicity with natural ingredients.

Our FACIAL CREME 01 is not just handmade with care; it is filled with nourishment and care for your skin, based on traditional Danish craftsmanship and pure natural ingredients.

It is designed to help the skin overcome challenges such as dry patches, shiny areas, redness, slight pigmentation changes, and fine lines.

With regular use, it deeply nourishes and moisturizes, helping to restore the skin's natural balance and barrier, leaving it healthier, smoother, with a radiant and fresh youthful glow.

Developed with thoughtfulness:

FACIAL CREME 01 is manufactured with a focus on Danish quality and responsibility. We primarily use indigenous natural plant ingredients and manufacture in small batches to ensure that your creme is always fresh. The only chemical we add is the preservative, guaranteeing you safe and environmentally friendly skincare.

Read more about the individual ingredients and their benefits for your skin here.


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